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Regardless of the sector of activity (healthcare, communities, industry, catering, cleaning companies), we have a range that is tailored to your expectations and challenges.

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A major player in the distribution of hygiene equipment, we offer our customers over 2,000 references in 8 major product families.

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K2 Global Range

K2 Global Range

28 mai 2024

Découvrez vite notre comprehensive and integrated range of high-performance cleaning equipment:

  • 👉 Sweeping
  • 👉 Cleaning
  • 👉 Wiping

🔵⚪🔴 Equipment made in France

💦 Equipment that reduces the amount of water and chemicals needed for cleaning

💫 Ergonomic equipment to limit RSI and enhance the value of the cleaning profession

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Discover the K2 range of products
Discover the K2 range of products