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The K2

K2: No more buckets and mops; it's time for Pre-Impregnation and Biocleaning!

Buckets filled with water that are heavy to carry, clogged wringers, and mops or mop heads that are never cleaned – traditional flat floor cleaning methods come with numerous drawbacks. Most importantly, they don't allow for an efficient floor cleaning.

That's why we've created an innovative system that combines the benefits of Pre-impregnation and Biocleaning: the K2!

1. Control Over Water Usage

Our equipment automatically saturates a fixed amount of solution directly into the cleaning pad. In an instant, the pad is perfectly impregnated along its entire length and ready for use. This allows the operator to easily control the quantity of water and, if needed, chemicals used during floor cleaning.

2. Mechanical Action of Microfiber, Our Best Cleanliness Ally

The special and patented weaving of our microfiber pad enables deep floor cleaning through pure mechanical action, without the addition of chemical products. Its 700% absorption capacity allows for perfect saturation. Lighter and more cost-effective than a mop head, it is machine washable and reusable up to 200 times!

3. Convenient Equipment

The dilution station prepares the cleaning solution to be used and efficiently fills the mop automatically. No more hoses, pouring spouts, or complex refilling of the mop reservoir with bottles. Here, everything is smooth and easy.

4. Unprecedented Ergonomics

Our equipment is designed to adapt to all body types. Telescopic handle, rotating handles, Z-shaped articulation – these are the details that make the equipment a pleasure to handle.

As the icing on the cake, we manufacture this equipment in France to create jobs and reindustrialize our regions. The Nouvelle Aquitaine region supports us in this endeavor.

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