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Lavage des panneaux-solaires

Solar Panel Washing

GUIALTO offers dedicated solutions for professionals in solar panel cleaning to make their daily tasks easier. We offer robust and efficient machines that use the Pure Water system to preserve installations and clean without leaving traces.

Perfect cleaning results:

  • Leaves no marks when drying, even in direct sunlight
  • Immediately combines with dirt and removes it quickly
  • Quality of Pure Water filtration by GUIALTO technology recognized by our professional customers, even with the hardest water

Interested in learning more about our solar panel cleaning equipment?

Discover our website dedicated to professionals in the solar panel cleaning industry.

Cleaning Solar Panels to Maintain Their Productivity

An annual cleaning of solar panels helps maintain the long-term productivity of installations. Over the years, it is imperative to clean solar panels to maintain the profitability of the installation.

Our equipment is particularly suitable for professionals looking for fast and efficient cleaning for large surfaces of photovoltaic panels.

Profitability and efficiency

  • Reduced water usage during cleaning
  • No use of chemicals = environmentally friendly
  • Maintained yield and productivity of the photovoltaic installation for your customers

Simple and practical

  • Ultra-lightweight and shock-resistant carbon poles
  • Up to 21 meters of working height
  • Easy access to cleaning surfaces thanks to the articulated bend
  • Pleasant and safe working

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